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IECEC-UOEK 2019 - The Introduction Of Kars


Kars Castle and Public Bath
Kars is the one of most beautiful city where snow suits. Where the civilizations meet, the opening gate of Anatolia. Actually, we should start to introduce Kars with the most beautiful poem written about it. We also shouldn’t forget the clips and films which were captured in Kars. “It was old very old” from Sezen Aksu and Mad, do not be a mad film is one of the most important ones.
There is a Paris movement after Ahmet Mithat Efendi. Therefore, many poet went to this city and one of them wrote a poem in his hotel room. It was Cemal Süreya.
What can we say more about the city? It is the best for you not to decide before you see every season in this city… In winter, say “Country where snow dances… In spring and summer every tone of green, in autumn magnificent view and every tone of the brown and a little bit of green.
Words are not enough to describe Kars…but, if we start with “White sleepless far”, then we should continue with Sezan Aksu. The clip of “It was old, very old” song is like a Kars trip and of course, it starts with Orient Express. Director of the clip is Uğur Yücel, and lyrics belongs to Murathan Mungara.

Orient Express
When we talk about Orient Express, we should hold a second. The new name of a fame, which crossed the borders, and even people from London come to visit. What is the last destination? There is no need to think about, it is Kars.
Wonderful city which has many important symbols form many religions and has a wonderful statement plan. Kars carries the unique beauty of Russian architecture in its Street.

Ordu Streeet

Mosque and houses reflecting the unique beauty of Ottoman Empire also take place in the city. Ebul Hasan Harakani where lies here is a very important name, even inspired the Mevlana in his thoughts and also say “Whoever come to this gate, give him bread, don’t ask his faith because those who are worthy to carry a soul in the presence of Allah, is worthy to eat bread in the table of Harakani “.

Mosques of Evliya and Kumbet
Kars hosts one of the oldest Ataturk statue in Turkey. It is the closest example of Ataturk in terms of measurements.

Ataturk Statue in Kars

When we mention about Kars Russian architecture, there is an important topic, of course the war between Ottoman and Russia known as the 93 war. After this war, Kars stayed under the rule of Russian empire. In this period, Russian migration politics brought different ethnic groups to the Kars and it caused the variation of ethnics in Kars . It is said that an opera building was built in Kars.

Çeltikov Otel (Kars' old opera house)
When we mention about the education, Kars hosts one of the most important village institutes in Turkey, Cilavuz. In addition, a Girl Teacher School for Elementary was opened in Kars, which is an education center of every educational period.     

The Students of Girl Teacher School in Ceremony
Of course, we should not forget The Dede Korkut Education Institute, which its idea belongs to Şaik Gökyay’s. Institute built with the efforts of Fahrettin Kırzıoğlu, who was history father of Kars and had contributions to many important works.

The Opening Of the Dede Korkut Education Institute
There are not enough words to tell the beauties of the city. “White sleepless far,” it was old, very old” and “mad, don’t be mad shouldn’t be forgotten. Especially “Mad don’t be a mad” which is narrated from a love story should not be forgotten, because it shows the cosmopolitan structure and various identity of Kars. Besides it was stated in this Film, Aşıklık tradition is one of the most important characteristics of Kars and taken as intangible cultural heritage list of UNESCO


Aşık Murat ÇOBANOĞLU and Aşık Şeref TAŞLIOVA
There are many things to do when you come to Kars. Yet which one of them we should talk…. Kars Anı Historical City, which is in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage, should come first. A city includes one hundred thousand population and the city of one thousand one church according to documents and stories.  It is 45 km far from the Kars and one of the entrance destination of Silk Road into Anatolia. There are many religious architecture are located in for Armenian and the city where the first Turk Mosque had been built in Anatolia.

Ebu'l Manuçahr Mosque and Great Cathedral in Anı Historical City.
When we speak about the Kars, we should not forget it is the second place in the World after Alps where Cristal Snow drops and the country where the snow dances. Kars with its Sarıkamış Skiing Center hosts another beauty in its borders. We also should not forget the Sarıkamış Operation in which 60.000 soldiers became martyr. From this point, Sarıkamış County, which is a miserable place, has the beauty of Hunt Mansion, which was built from solid trees without using nails.

Katerina  Mansion
Çıldır Lake, which is one of the most beautiful natural place, located in Arpaçay County in Kars.  The lake is in 1950 km higher from the sea and has 123 km2 surface. Winter sleighs can be ridden on the lake that gets frozen in whole winter 

Sleigh on Çıldır Lake

There is much more to tell about the Kars, but it’s the best for you to come and see it for yourself.